Welcome to Ultra Gym my name is Ernest but I will let you call me Ernie and I have run this joint since March 2017.


When you attend Ultra Gym you will find me manning reception earning my keep. I do however expect a few things from you when you arrive.


Firstly, come say "hello" I just love meeting new people.

Secondly, give me a stroke I may look grumpy but am the happiest and most friendly dog in town.

Finally, give me lots of attention before you go and work out, I love feeling wanted and having a quick play with all my new Ultra friends.


If you don't follow these simple requests there will be trouble and I will have to teach you a lesson by licking you to death or by conning you into giving me attention with my super cute face. The perks of being a handsome brute. 

I hope you all have a fantastic time down here at Ultra Gym but if you ever have any problems, you just pop over to my desk and ask for me, "Ernie" and i will sort you out.

Now less chatting and more training I need a nap its hard work running this place!

High "paw" five,


(The Boss Man)


P.S. Don't listen to that Gareth Potts fella I am the real boss around here, I just let him think he's in charge hee hee, and don't you Ultras forget that either. Peace out.

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